Why do you need the model numbers and codes?

All domestic appliance manufacturers list spare parts for the models they produce, when they change the colour of an appliance the model code changes, usually by altering the last couple of alphas (WMA615WH (white) becomes WMA615S (silver)).

So, it's quite probable to have over 6 or 8 WMA615 appliances, all different colours, which in turn means lots of different cosmetic parts such as knobs and control panels as well as door handles and door inner and outer trims.

To ensure accurate parts information many manufacturers use a production code, each code is unique to the appliance, the parts listed under that code should be the correct shape, colour, size and fit that code exactly. When you consider the major manufacturers have been making appliances for decades, there are millions of part numbers in the system, some old and no longer used but having updated numbers which can be found with the correct information. Many of the same parts are used in various model codes, but the only way to know is to access the manufacturers data. Where a manufacturer changes their own supplier of an outsourced spare part, modifications may be required to fit the replacement, in which case the infomation is stored either with the replacement spare part or under the production code for that appliance.

To help us to help you, please supply all the info from your appliance, do not take the info from the instruction book as these can cover more than 1 appliance and may not be accurate.

Whirlpool, Zanussi, Electrolux, AEG, Bosch, Neff, Seimens, CDA, Diplomat, Beko are just some manufacturers who use prodution codes, Servis appliances used the serial number to identify all parts fitted to that machine.

If you supply the correct information we are much more likely to be able to help.