Whirlpool Diplomat CDA Caple Ignis dishwasher Upper basket spray arm, upper basket not washing clean


1) The upper basket spray arm supply tube is not a tight fit in the upper basket supply pipe which runs up the internal back wall. Therefore the water pressure and volume available to spray and clean dishes is wasted through spillage.


The upper basket supply feed tube has a nozzle connection on it that is removable; this nozzle has seals on it that grip the docking station securely.

To test if this is happening to you........

When you load the next wash into your dishwasher, push the upper basket fully home into contact with the nozzle. Switch on your dishwasher, once it is washing it is possible to hear a slight clunk as the whole upper basket hits the inner door panel, being pushed forward by the water pressure and poor contact on the nozzle seals. Open the door carefully, this stops the dishwasher and the spray action, once stopped, open the door fully and try pushing the upper basket backwards, if it moves, you have a poor contact on the nozzle fitting. It is possible for the docking station to also wear, but in our experience, the nozzle is at fault in the majority of cases.


2) the twin pipe delivery tube pops out of the sieve cover which is supposed to hold it firm. Follow the twin pipe situated on the internal rear wall downwards. Where this goes into the filter area it should be held securely and not positioned at an angle upwards (forced there by the water pressure).

On the sieve cover are two retaining lugs and these fail with wear and tear, replacing the sieve cover will hold the twin pipe supplying the upper basket securely in place.