What are the Whirlpool dishwasher error codes F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 FA FE

The error fault codes for Whirlpool CDA Caple and Diplomat dishwashers that were Whirlpool sourced by other manufacturers.

The error codes are a guide to what might be wrong, used in conjunction with good fault finding skill they are a powerful tool.

F1 error fault code 

This is referred to as an NTC Break, what that means is a temperature problem, either exceeding 85 degres during cycle, the water at -3 degres or lower (Frozen) or a faulty Temperature sensor (the NTC device).

Exactly the same error will be displayed if a door wire breaks from the control pcb in the fascia panel to the NTC. This does not apply to those older dishwashers where the control pcb is mounted on the base plate.

F2 error fault code

This is a water leak, which has operated the float device by dumping water into the base of the appliance. The anti flood float device switches off the incoming water valve and operates the drain pump until the Water Indicater (pressure switch or Turbidity sensor) indicates the sump empty.

F3 error fault code

The heating cycle is not working. The error is indicated after several electronic checks are done over a 25 minute period. Therefore if the heater heats too slowly or the heater is open circuit or indeed the electronic control PCB is defective, each of these will indicate F3.

The twist is, if the NTC is fluctuating in its reading it also can indicate F3 and not F1, because the NTC is the measuring device for the increase in temperature.

F4 error fault code

This is a drain failure. If the drain pump runs for more than 4 minutes and the WI (water indicator) indicates the sump is not empty of water,

 if the drain pump is not actually shifting the water even though its running, if the electronic control PCB is defective.

After 4 minutes, it can also be indicated enen though there is no water in the dishwasher sump. A failure of the WI (water indicator) which is the pressure switch or Turbidity sensor, to switch, this can be because of muck and dirt blockage to the pressure device which means the device can not indicate there is no water.

F6 error fault code

This is the Water tap closed. What that means is that the flow meter is not recording water entering the dishwasher, this can be a water tap turned off (suprisingly more common than you'd think, after new flooring or decorating has taken place),

water hose kinked or blocked, the dishwasher water soleniod valve defective.

F7 error fault code

This is flow meter failure. The flow meter impulse wheel (situated in the water tank) is not turning correctly, too fast or too slow

therefore the electronic impulses received by the module/pcb are not correct, also the water valve can be faulty.

F8 error fault code

This is a failure of the water level during the whole cycle. The wash pump can be running but the water indicator is switching in and out due to not enough water, there is less than 1 litre of water in the appliance, there is an over sudsing issue (too many soap bubbles) which is effecting the WI (water indicator). This can also be caused by low water pressure from the circulation pump.

F9 error fault code

This is filling with too much water. The water flow meter records too many impulses, possibly because the water valve has not closed. It could also be a defective electronic control PCB

FA error fault code

The pressure device (WI water indicator) does not switch

FE error fault code

Eprom failure