my washing machine won't drain the water away

Most make of washing machine have a drain filter that the consumer can access. Sometimes in plain view or hidden behind an obvious flap in the lower regions of the front panel. Built in, integrated washing machines and washer dryers have a filter that is hidden by the kitchen unit kickplate plinth, making it much harder to access. Having to remove the kickplate can be a real pain of a job 

Once you have found the filter, your instruction book will usually let you know where it is, it can be twisted or unscrewed to remove. At hte end of a wash cycle all washing machine pumps have some water left in them. Some have a small tube with a bung in the end, this is to slowly empty the remaining water, if you have to remove the filter cartridge then, take precautions, undo the filter slowly, control the water flow and have something to hand to mop up and clean up as your doing it.

If your washing machine is full of water, try lowering the end of the drain hose into a bucket or bowl and syphoning out as much as you can before releasing the filter.

Drain pump filters catch all sorts of debris from a wash, lint from the clothes as well as coins, combs, earings and anything you leave in the pockets will make its way down to the filter. Nails and screws pins and needles and road grit, all combine to stop the drain pump from spinning and draining the water away. Once you have access to the pump impellor and filter cartridge you might be able to solve the not draining issue.

If this course of action does not solve the prroblem, then any of the following might apply:

1) blocked drain hose and or sink unit, these can block with a fatty substance

2) defective drain pump, open circuit or burnt out, they do go very noisy as well

3) blocked and restricted lower sump hose, coins and socks will usually stop here, not able to squeze into the drain pump filter small aperture

4) Eco ball in the sump hose jammed, designed to save powder but they get sticky and stop the water from leaving the drum

5) washing machine overfilling with water, it fills faster than the drain pump can empty it, there is more than one reason for this and its a question in its own right..

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The question, "my washing machine is not draining?" can be several different causes, but the easiest one is to check your filter, it shouldn't involve an engineer.