My washing machine drum does not turn, it does not spin

The washing machine motor provides the wash action and spin action, it is in turn controlled by a pcb module which can be seperate or part of a timer programmer.

No drum action, at all, that means no wash or spin can be several things.

The washing machime motor drive belt can snap, be burned through by the motor pulley or become dislodge from the drum pulley.

1) Washing machine belts can snap, but this is the least likely cause of no drum action. Belts are a stretch fit these days and tend to loose grip rather than snap, if the tension on the belt is incorrect it is possible to activate the oob (out of balance) condition as the module gets the wrong signals from motor and tacho.

2) Belts can be burned throgh by the motor pulley because the washing machine drum unit jams solid and will not turn, bearing failure broken spider arms or foreign objects in the housing, socks coins etc..

3) Washing machine drum pulleys can become loose and will throw off the drive belt, they can also be very tightly fitted to the inner drum shaft and yet wobble enough to throw off the drive belt. Usually excessive bearing wear will cause this.

The washing machine motor itself is open circuit either on the field windings or perhaps the carbon brushes.

1) field windings are not easy to check if you're not familiar with motors

2) carbon brushes if fitted (not all motors have them) are an easy replacement once the motor is removed from the appliance, very worn down carbon brushes are usually accompanied by lots of carbon dust all over the back end of the motor.

3) wash motor windings can have a thermal protection device strapped to them, any overheating by the motor will cause this to go open circuit and result in no motor action

The pcb control module is faulty.

1) other than a visual inspection of the componets and the electrical connections and especially the edge connectors, its hard to fault or test without knowledge and equipment. If there are obvious electrical tracks burnt off the module, consideration should be given to the cause of that failure. Motor to earth for example.