My Tumble dryer belt keeps breaking?

Generally tumble dryer belts don't break...... ok very occasionally they do, after years of use.

If you look at the break part of the tumble dryer belt and each end is slightly bent upward and looks a little fused, then the belt did not break, the motor pulley burnt through it. This is much more common than a break, which is obvious to see as the broken ends will merge back together if offered to each other. When burnt through it is a mismatch immediately.

Why does the pulley burn through the belt? Easy, the drum got jammed and would not turn, but the motor keeps on turning and heats the belt, through friction contact, this causes a burning rubber smell and of course no tumble dryer drum action.

The usual suspect for the drum jamming is an article of clothing getting stuck between the lip of the drum and the bearing front support banjo. This can result in the front felt seal and the bearing pads needing replacement. The front seal and bearing pads can also unseat themselves and jam the drum, as well as the rear bearing failing or the retaining rivets holding it to the tumble dryer drum failing. Service investigation will find the cause, just buying a belt is not always the answer.

Here are a couple of kits for beko tumble dryers:


If your tumble dryer belt is a serial breaker, investigate further for the reason.

The Beko tumble dryers are seemingly having a problem with the belts burning through. In the case of Beko dryers, it is usually a breakdown of the front felt seal material, it forms a tar like substance which deposits on the leading edge of the drum. This in turn "sticks" the drum to the bearing pads, so on start up the drum is held fast, there is way to much surface contact between belt and drum for the belt to slip on the drum, therefore the motor pulley "slips" on the belt and within a few minutes burns through it. If this happens to your dryer, you must clean the "tar" from the drum edge, if you don't the new belt will burn through again.


Strip and rebuild of the DRCS76 Beko condensor dryer, just click the link

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