My oven fan runs ok but there is no heat?

Most fan oven have a fan element that is round in shape and situated around the fan blade of the fan motor. You can usually see the fan blade through the rear panel vent holes and occasionally you will see a red heat glow from the fan blade area.

There are a few fan ovens that do not have a circular fan oven element, they use a different combination of elements.

No heat, during the fan oven heat cycle, with the control thermostat light "lit" on the fascia panel will usually be a failed fan element.

Which fan element is fitted to your appliance will depend on the model and serial number as well as the product code information. The manufacturers use fan elements from 1000watt to 2600watt of power. The dimensions of the fan element, such as internal fan blade clearance and the size and shape of the locating bracket as well as stud or screw fixings vary as well.

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