My oven door does not stay closed, it drops down

Oven doors that open from the top and go down to the horizontal position when open are assisted by a couple of door hinges. The door hinges have pre determined springs in them to cope with the weight of the door. Small grill oven or top oven doors to main oven doors, double glazed or triple glazed, the weight of the particular door determines which oven door hinge fits.

When the oven door closes but drops back a few mm or 1/4 inch, after you let go of the oven door handle it is usually wear on the oven door hinges that cause this. Very occasionally the door hinge receiver, the part located onto the oven chassis that accepts and holds the oven door hinge into place, may need replacing.

Oven doors that come to rest below horizontal have serious door hinge and or door hinge receiver problems and need investigating. Most oven doors are removeable by locking the hinge before attempting removal, your oven instruction book should indicate how to do this, if not send us an email contact with make and model number and we'll help all we can.

Our oven door hinges are available in the shop, we sell in pairs as when one oven door hinge fails it usually means the other one is also just as worn.