My dishwasher door will not close?

There are many reasons for this and below is a list to advise of the possible causes:

1) Hinges are sprained

2) Door catch latch device is already in the locked postion or is faulty (spring failure)

3) Springs, levers and hinges combine to allow controlled door opening and closure, any one of them can break

4) Badly installed dishwasher or swelling of cabinets adjacent to the dishwasher.

When the dishwasher door is lowered to fully open it should be horizontal, come to a positive stopped position and should stay in place. Closing the door to mid position should be easy as there are balance springs assisting in taking the weight, if your door is heavy or falls back there is a fault.

Built in or integrated dishwashers are balanced to the weight of the door including the heavy wooden decor door. The door will spring up if the decor door is not fitted.