Dishwasher leaking, Drain pump runs all the time. Anti flood protection operated

Most dishwasers have some sort of flood protection device. It can be a float, operating a switch, or an electronic PCB measuring the "power" being taken by the circulation pump as it turns. It can also be a pressure device which triggers the anti flood system. Whichever way the manufacturer has included the anti flood device, simple is usually cheaper to repair and electronic is just plain expensive.

Quite often anti flood devices are tripped because of a build up of "crud and muck" in pipes and tubes where the normal dishwasher cleaning agent doesn't reach. Crud and muck is a mix of food debris and wash detergent and it reaches the parts that cleaning agents don't.

However it is done, the flood device will bring on the drain pump to clear water from the dishwasher and will disable the internal incoming water valve. Some manufacturers programme the pump to run if power is available to the appliance whilst in fault condition, even with the door open. If you're lucky a service strip and clean will sort the problem, expect to pay £50 to £65 for a repair not involving spare parts.

Sounds good, it is designed to protect the kitchen and floor from any substantial water leaks, but ........

It can't beat a mouse. Mice like plastic, especially plastic drain hoses, they nibble through it and you get water all over the floor as a result, more so during the drain cycle. Mechanical anti flood devices will not detect this happening, motor current devices will as the motor surges with the falling water level.

Got a leak, get it fixed, before it ruins the floor and or floor covering.